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Your local laundromat and dry cleaners in one.

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Why choose us?

Everyone has dirty laundry, but you can do it in a clean environment at Naples Cleaners! We offer premium services to our customers for reasonable prices. As a customer, you are what matters most to Naples Cleaners.

Debit & Credit

We accept all major Debit and Credit cards at our machines. Click here for a demonstration.

Dry Cleaning

From casual and business attire to formal wear, we’ll take good care of it.

Pickup & Delivery

We offer a premium pickup and delivery service. Click here to schedule a pickup.

Fluff & Fold

We can launder, fold, and package your washable items for you.

Shirt Laundry

Shirts can be laundered, starched to your preference, pressed, and then hung.

Flexible Hours

We are open from 6 AM – 11.30 PM every day. Come visit us today!

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