Naples Cleaners provides a wide range of dry cleaning and laundry services for all your apparel and house hold needs.  To keep you on the go – we offer our fast and easy drop-off and pick-up. Naples Cleaners recycle all hangers and plastic bags.

Laundromat Services For all your laundry needs – from washable garments to washable household items – Many different size washers & dryers for all your needs – 2 Change Machines – Vending Machines: Food, Drink, Laundry Supplies, Soap, Bags, Etc. – Restroom for Customers ONLY.

Fluff and Fold:  Let US do your laundry for you! Washable items are laundered, folded and packaged. Same day service usually available.

Shirt Laundry: Shirts are laundered, starched to your preference, pressed and then hung.

Household: For all your household washables – blankets, comforters, pillows and rugs.

Dry Cleaning Services:  All garments, from casual and business attire to formal wear, are carefully cleaned and hand inspected by our experienced professionals and ready for you to wear.

FOLD ‘n’ TIP: doing your laundry but you don`t have time to wait for it to dry or fold it? Just ask one of our Laundry Attendants to do it for you!


Laundromat Hours: 6am-11:30pm

Attendant Hours: Monday-Friday 7am-7pm / Saturday & Sunday 8am-5pm